We are teaming up with a ministry in Kitale, Kenya to help get street boys off the street. 

Step 1: Feed them
Step 2: Provide a safe place to stay
Step 3: Get them in school
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By donating to this general fund, your money will go to the most critical and immediate needs of the missions and projects of GTWO in Kenya.

Kamketo Boys High School (left) in Kenya

​Taking a LifeStraw Community Water Filter, Bibles, and shoes ! 

Joan and I will be traveling to a remote area in Northwestern Kenya called Kasae, where both she and Esther were born,  taking LifeStraw Community Water Filters to kids who have no CLEAN WATER. 

Our goal is to deliver five community water filters to five different schools and communities in Kenya. 

Clean water at the new Grace Rock Girls High School in Shalpogh, Kenya!

The girls are able to take river water and filter it to produce clean and safe drinking water!

Many, many people helped make this happen.

​Words cannot express our thanks ... 



Get the WORD Out built a school in Turkwel which opened in 2008. The French built a dam decades ago to provide electricity to the country which diverted the river from Turkwel.

The Kenyans in this area are goat herders and live in nomadic tribes.

Although the school provides a resource to families in the area, bringing water to the school will give people a reason to stay. Currently they walk to the river and carry water back to the school.

Our goal is to raise the funds necessary for a borehole and solar powered pump and storage for this community.


 One of our ongoing projects is to provide clean water at the Esther House, which is at the Kendagor home. Andrew and Sarah Kendagor have raised their kids on this land and have always been willing to care for children who are without homes or parents. Currently the Kendagors take care of roughly 40 people including orphans, mothers with their children and students going to boarding school.
​There is a spring that provides water, but it's not safe for drinking. We delivered a Lifestraw filter (water purification filter) to the Esther House during the May 2017 Mission Trip  thanks to the fundraising efforts of Elle Salon's Trivia Night Fundraiser.

Together with Saint Louis University's Engineers Without Borders Chapter, we are working toward a bigger scope and more permanent clean drinking water solution .. stay tuned for more information!