1985 Franklin Mint Capodimonte 12 Months of Roses Porcelain Flowers Italy

Style: York-And-Landcaster


Franklin Mint The Twelve Months of Roses Porcelain Sculpture Collection. Made in Italy.

Some roses have original stickers and paperwork (listed below).

Some wear, refer to individual photos please.

**We do not have the Marechal Niel Rose available**

American Beauty - Red rose, some chips, missing top of leaf, no "name" sticker, no paperwork
Painter's Rose - Pink rose, broken leaf tip repaired, no "name" sticker, no paperwork
Rosa Alba - White rose, minor chips, no "name" stickers, no paperwork
Cardinal de Richelieu - Purple rose, small chip in leaf, "name" sticker tact, no paperwork
Buff Beauty - Peach rose, minor chips, "name" sticker in tact, no paperwork
Old Blush - Red roses, "name" sticker in tact, has paperwork
MME. Pierre Oger - one small chip in petal, no "name" sticker, no paperwork
Sweetbrier - Creamy pink roses, bottom rose missing one petal, has paperwork
Cecile Brunner - Soft pink roses, minor chips, no "name" sticker, has paperwork
Duchesse de Brabant - Pinkish purple, small minor chips, "name" sticker in tact, has paperwork
York-and-Lancaster - Red and white roses, minor chips, no "name" sticker, has paperwork

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