Mojave / Dixie Belle Silk Mineral Paint 16 oz



Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint from Dixie Belle Paint is durable furniture paints featuring a primer with stain blocker, color, and a water and UV resistant topcoat.  Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint is a creamy, self-leveling, one-step paint" (Dixie Belle Paint).

"Mojave is an elaborate, brown/gold color that will have you dreaming of desert sands. Immerse yourself into this golden delight and fill your home with this warm hue" -DB Paint.

Silk Mineral Paints can be mixed together to create new, fun pigments! Silk Mineral Paint cannot, however, be mixed with Dixie Belle Paint's Chalk Mineral Paint.

Additional primers, finishes and applications by Dixie Belle Paint can also be used with Silk All-In-One Paint.

Synthetic brushes are recommended for best application.

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