This Spring we plan to return to Kenya . . . finally! We have plans to deliver more filters, more Bibles, and more love. Our goal is to open two new orphanages for street kids and the under-served. Can you imagine? 

A few blessings from 2021:
We may not have been able to travel to Africa since 2019, but we've been able to provide blessings from overseas to Kenya. With the support of our friends, donors, and retail customers, Get the WORD Out has continued to help families, children, and women in crisis.
We were able to provide two sewing machines to two women. They now have the opportunity to gain independence and care for their families. They are both grateful for these "miracles" that drastically changed their lives for the better. Both women have expressed their overwhelming joy, and we are so happy to have contributed.
Sometimes, individual families become helpless to the corruption that surrounds them; and sometimes we are able to help those families. This mother and her children were living in a slum that was recently reclaimed by the government. They quickly became homeless. We were able to get this mother and her children into a safe and sound apartment. Their smiles say it all. 

Check out their previous living conditions compared to their new ones below.
We continue to feed and clothe children, sponsor individuals, help women become self-sufficient, and spread the WORD of GOD.
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There is, of course, a cost to travel to these remote locations to deliver the water filters. One Lifestraw Community Water Filter costs $375. A capable vehicle with a capable driver is a must. There are costs for fuel, for lodging, for food and for Bibles.

When we gather with a group of children or in a village we bring more than just a filter - we bring HOPE.

Love a child . . . change the world! We are a 501(c) [3] and all contributions are tax-deductible according to IRS guidelines.

We are in need of FUNDS to take the precious gift of water.

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