Our focus for the last 3 years has been to take clean water to children in Kenya.
This is Muruokor Primary School in Kiwawa, Kenya (located in Northwest Kenya) where 87 children Nursery through Grade 3 attend.
From a rainwater pit, to clean drinking water, up to 70 liters per day, this Lifestraw Community Water Filter has impacted this community to eliminate typhoid and cholera. 
Each child was given a water bottle  so that every one of them will have clean water every day! This is only one of the many water filters have taken. 
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There is, of course, a cost to travel to these remote locations to deliver the water filters. One Lifestraw Community Water Filter costs $375. A capable vehicle with a capable driver is a must. There are costs for fuel, for lodging, for food and for Bibles.
When we gather with a group of children or in a village we bring more than just a filter - we bring HOPE.
Love a child ... change the world!

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We are in need of FUNDS to take the precious gift of water.
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